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Disney: Bring Out the Kid in You


Missing your favorite Disney cartoon movies? Though you have aged and grew, the kid inside of you still longs the wonders of Disney.

Don’t hold back.

Ready to cry again with these touching and heartbreaking films?
Here is the countdown to Disney’s greatest animated films.

10. Little Mermaid

Fascinated by life on land, Ariel visited the surface and falls in love with a human prince. Determine to pursue her new love, she went to Ursula, the sea witch, to become human for three days. But things did not go according to plan for the star-crossed lovers. The sea king, Triton, must make an ultimate sacrifice for his daughter.

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9. Mulan

Distraught at such a young age, Mulan decided to disguise herself as a man after learning that her weak father must join the army to fight the invading Huns. She joins the army in place of her father. What will happen to Mulan next?

8. Wreck-it Ralph

I’m gonna wreck it!

Tired of playing the bad guy, Ralph goes on a journey to become a hero in a game. But, accidentally, he let loose a dangerous enemy that brings the entire arcade into chaos.

7. Big Hero 6

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love this film? A robotic prodigy Hiro, who lost his big brother, join hands with Bayman to avenge his death. Teaming up with his big brother’s friends, they form a team of high-tech heroes.

6. Tangle

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

An innocent girl was locked up at the top of a tower by her protective mother. Curious of the outside world, she wishes to escape. Her wish finally comes true as the good-hearted thief, Flynn, comes and helps her out.

5. Aladdin

See the whole new world with Aladdin, Jasmine, and the genie on the lamp.

The peasant thief, Aladdin, falls in love with Princess Jasmine. But, sadly, he can’t marry her because he is no royalty. He was then enlisted by Jafar, the evil royal vizier, to retrieve a magical lamp that can make your wishes come true.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time, but a story as priceless as ever.

The beautiful Belle agrees with the Beast’s deal to live with him in exchange for returning her abducted father. Upon living with the Beast, she then discovers the true identity of her captor, an enchanting prince.

3. Finding Nemo

Marlin search for his abducted son in the open sea. The meek clownfish meet the forgetful Dory. Together with her, they embark on a journey to bring Nemo back home.

2. Frozen

Let it go, let it go! Ready yourself as this icy film will surely warm your heart.

The second princess, Anna, sets out on a journey to find her sister, Elsa. With the iceman, Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and Olaf set out to find Elsa so she can bring back summer in their cold and wintery Arendelle kingdom.

1. The Lion King

Ready yourself for the top 1 Disney film, The Lion King.

After the murder of his father, the young lion prince, Simba, flees and leaves the kingdom. As years pass by, encountering Nala made Simba go back to his home and reclaim what is rightfully his.

As Disneyland parks are closed for the time being, this is a good time to binge-watch your favorite Disney movies.

Bring out the kid in you!

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