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  1. Play Safe at Disneyland

    Your long-awaited Disneyland family vacation has finally arrived and it is time to gear up and hit the park. However, before you do, we have a few safety suggestions for you to make your trip incident free. Disneyland is a large park with huge crowds. This means you must be aware of your surroundings and…

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  2. Use Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART)


    If you are spending time in Anaheim, we recommend Anaheim Resort Transportation or ART as the most convenient mode of transportation during your visit. Best Western Hotels and resorts are connected to ART as well as the best amusement parks, tourist spots and restaurants that may be on your list to visit. ART Transport Passes…

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  3. Child Friendly Restaurants in Anaheim

    Anaheim is a place filled with amazing parks and recreational activities. Aside from Disneyland, the city is also full of restaurants and cafes where kids can enjoy delicious meals and lively entertainments. Hello Kitty Grand Café Hello kitty grand cafe gives their guests a short trip down memory lane with their pink establishment. From the…

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  4. 3 Great Bars in Anaheim


    What better way to end a long day than to have a drink at Anaheim’s most popular bars and clubs! House of Blues The best way to drink an ice-cold beer is with good food and live music. House of Blues, located west of Disney Way, is famous for both food and live performances of…

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  5. What to Expect in KTown Night Market?

    KTown Night Market is located at 2000 Gene Autry Way, Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA 9280. This is a two-evening food and music festival in the community that features an Asian style night market. This is an annual event that usually takes place on a Friday and Saturday Evening. PARTY-LIKE ATMOSPHERE At the time of the…

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  6. Disney: Bring Out the Kid in You


    Missing your favorite Disney cartoon movies? Though you have aged and grew, the kid inside of you still longs the wonders of Disney. Don’t hold back. Ready to cry again with these touching and heartbreaking films? Here is the countdown to Disney’s greatest animated films. 10. Little Mermaid Fascinated by life on land, Ariel visited…

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  7. Enjoy Your Favorite Food In the Midst of Pandemic


    The pandemic can’t stop you from enjoying your life— most especially food! Experience the safest way of ordering your food by to-go (takeout) or no-contact food delivery from your favorite restaurants here in Anaheim. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s…

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  8. 2020 California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

    All foodies, please come forth! The California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is taking place from February 28th to April 21st. Tickets for the festival entry will cost $14.99, but does not include any food or drink. Here are some highlights you can expect this year: Culinary Demonstrations – tips from the best! View this…

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  9. Peruvian Cuisine Options

    Disneyland Hotel Ceviche

      In nearby Cerritos, you’ll find one of the most popular Peruvian restaurants in Southern California. Located at 11433 South St., El Rocoto Restaurant is known for a sunny room for dining, pisco sours, and a full bar that’s wildly popular for happy hour. The small plates are paired with handcrafted cocktails, and fresh local…

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  10. Don’t Miss the Not-so-Scary Halloween

    Disneyland Hotel Halloween

      Select days in August, September, October, and November, Disneyland hosts a special (and not-so-scary) Halloween gathering. Get your trick or treat on early August 24 and 27 with a uniquely Spooktacular parade, two ghostly fireworks shows, and trick or treat options around the park. August dates are the least busy, but still do sell…

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