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  1. I am having a good time at Disneyland!


    Knowing that Anaheim is home to Disneyland, there will undoubtedly be a wide range of activities for both adults and children to experience. However, I can provide a list of nearby attractions to BW Plus – Stovall’s Inn, such as Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, accessible to the hotel or other way around. Delectable at Coco’s Coco’s,…

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  2. Play Safe at Disneyland

    Your long-awaited Disneyland family vacation has finally arrived and it is time to gear up and hit the park. However, before you do, we have a few safety suggestions for you to make your trip incident free. Disneyland is a large park with huge crowds. This means you must be aware of your surroundings and…

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  3. Trust a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel!


    If you are planning to book a hotel during your travel to Disneyland, Disney recommends a good neighboring hotel! Worry less and put your trust in a hotel that Disney trusts. They have set their standards and the Best Western Stovall’s Inn made its efforts to have made it in Disney Good Neighbor Hotels for…

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  4. Quick Tips for Disneyland Vacations

    Five quick tips to make your Disneyland Vacation the experience of a lifetime. 1. Disneyland’s Fastpass This is just what you need to enjoy more attractions without standing in long lines. Visit the Fastpass Ticket Machine and select the ride of your choice. Return to the ride at the designated time on your ticket and…

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  5. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    Star-Wars-Galaxy’s-Edge-BW-Stovalls-Stovall's Inn

    Disneyland never fails in bringing excitement to everyone who visits! As part of Disneyland’s attractions, they have made it more enjoyable for the fans and supporters of Star Wars. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Disneyland on 29th of August 2019. Learn more on how you can fully enjoy this attraction! Fun and Exciting Rides…

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  6. Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary: Disneyland Diamond Celebration

    17th July 2015 was the date marked as the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland. 60 years of bringing joy to everyone with their thrilling rides and magical events at Disneyland. How did Disneyland celebrate its 60th Anniversary? The answer is very difficult to put into words. Disneyland Diamond Celebration Running towards a century, Disneyland has celebrated…

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  7. Use Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART)


    If you are spending time in Anaheim, we recommend Anaheim Resort Transportation or ART as the most convenient mode of transportation during your visit. Best Western Hotels and resorts are connected to ART as well as the best amusement parks, tourist spots and restaurants that may be on your list to visit. ART Transport Passes…

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  8. 2020 California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

    All foodies, please come forth! The California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is taking place from February 28th to April 21st. Tickets for the festival entry will cost $14.99, but does not include any food or drink. Here are some highlights you can expect this year: Culinary Demonstrations – tips from the best! View this…

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  9. Don’t Miss the Not-so-Scary Halloween

    Disneyland Hotel Halloween

      Select days in August, September, October, and November, Disneyland hosts a special (and not-so-scary) Halloween gathering. Get your trick or treat on early August 24 and 27 with a uniquely Spooktacular parade, two ghostly fireworks shows, and trick or treat options around the park. August dates are the least busy, but still do sell…

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  10. Disney Grad Night

    Disneyland Hotel

      Are you or your child headed to Anaheim for Disney Grad Night? It’s a once in a lifetime event where high schoolers gather to experience one last, fantastic memory before heading off into the real world. Disneyland works with schools and school groups around the world to offer unprecedented access to graduating high school…

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