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Play Safe at Disneyland

Your long-awaited Disneyland family vacation has finally arrived and it is time to gear up and hit the park. However, before you do, we have a few safety suggestions for you to make your trip incident free.

Disneyland is a large park with huge crowds. This means you must be aware of your surroundings and your group. It is always a good idea to wear the same color so you can easily identify group members. Knowing what everyone is wearing can be helpful should someone get separated from the group. Taking a picture in the morning before you hit the park is a good way to remember what everyone is wearing and gives you a current picture of everyone should the authorities need it.

Identifying a prearranged meeting place helps when the group gets separated.

Make sure that everyone is familiar with the location and knows how to get there. Children under the age of 18 should be supplied with some form of identification and contact information. You can safety pin this inside their clothing or write it on the inside of their arm and cover with clear nail polish to prevent it disappearing. Information should include the child’s name, a contact phone number for an adult and describe any medical problems. This will help staff and authorities to identify lost children and reunite them with their family.

It is particularly important to know how to identify cast members and staff.

Teaching them to find a trustworthy person in an emergency will help them to not panic if they get lost or if something goes wrong. Staff and cast members are trained to help and children should feel safe and comfortable going to them for help.

Water and sunscreen are a must.

The summer sun is hot and intense and spending hours having fun in the sun can leave you dehydrated and sun burned. Drink lots of liquids while enjoying the park. More importantly drink before and after you leave. Sunscreen needs to be applied throughout the day as it can wash off on the water rides.

Safety guarantees a good time. Always prepare your trip well in advance and avoid anything that might spoil a great holiday.

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