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Forever Young in Anaheim, California

To live the dream and enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow! Welcome to Anaheim, California where you can have fun and witness beautiful places with your own eyes. Living the dream is a phrase you will surely experience while staying here! Listen down below are the places where you can start your adventure. 


Who says Disney is for kids only? Experience the magical and dreamy world of Disneyland! This place is by far the happiest place on earth like the tourists say. It is one of the biggest theme parks in the world and a lot of people come from different places just to visit and spend the day here. You will have the chance to meet a lot of characters you’ve seen in movies and ride rollercoasters and trains! If you get hungry, you won’t run out of food, stores are literally scattered everywhere! Once you finish living the dream for a day you can end it with an extraordinary parade and fireworks they put up every night. So what are you waiting for? Visit Disneyland now and don’t miss out on the experience! 

Anaheim Duck Hockey Game

Anyone in the mood for Hockey? Honda Center is a well-known spot visited by Hockey lovers including big-time celebrities for a while now to watch Anaheim Ducks national ice hockey team. They were established by The Walt Disney Company in 1993 from the successful movie The Mighty Ducks released in 1992. The season falls from October to April and the team’s home games manage to fascinate 17,000 viewers. Book your seats now and be entertained! 

Anaheim Packing District

This historic place frequently visited by locals and tourists is located at the intersection of Anaheim Boulevard and Santa Ana Street. It features a farmer’s park and 3 buildings with a group of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and breweries. The hall is full of gourmet food with a lot of options you can choose from, ranging from Vietnamese to Indian and Italian to French. Live bands are performing every weekend to entertain you and make your experience more enjoyable. Take a visit now!

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