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Sustainable Living at Eco Now: Anaheim’s Zero Waste Shop

Eco Now, nestled in Anaheim, California, stands as a pioneering beacon of sustainable living. Established in 2018, it proudly holds the title of Orange County’s inaugural zero waste shop, offering a comprehensive selection of in-store and online eco-friendly products.

The brainchild of founder Thea Pauley, Eco Now began its journey with hand-sewn reusable items such as eco-towels and eco-rounds, initially showcased at the Placentia Certified Farmer’s Market. The mission was clear: empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices by providing locally sourced, handmade goods and fostering sustainability education.

On Small Business Saturday in 2020, Eco Now found its physical home at 207 W Center Street Promenade in Downtown Anaheim. Functioning as a bulk refill station, the store encourages customers to bring their containers for eco-friendly refills.

Eco Now boasts an extensive product range from autumn must-haves to immune-boosting roll-ons, eucalyptus shower vapors, candles, crystals, and beyond. The store is a holistic destination for sustainable living, offering bulk loose-leaf tea, hyaluronic acid-enriched face toner, and a signature matcha green tea sugar body scrub.

More than just a retail space, Eco Now embodies a thriving community. Exclusive eco-friends loyalty memberships provide unique perks, while events at The LAB in Costa Mesa, like the Actively Eco event, and workshops like the Candle Making Workshop Class further engage and educate.

Eco Now’s commitment to supporting local artisans and businesses adds another layer to its impact. Locally sourced and meticulously crafted items elevate community sustainability and contribute to residents’ economic well-being.

At its core, Eco Now seeks to ignite a movement. The goal is to inspire others to embrace sustainable choices through education and accessible resources, envisioning a world where zero-waste living is within everyone’s reach.

Eco Now is not just a store; it’s a testament to the influence of conscious consumerism and its potential to impact the planet positively. It beckons individuals at any stage of their sustainability journey, inviting them to join in cultivating greener environments worldwide, one refill at a time.

For those aspiring to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, a visit to Eco Now is a must. Its diverse product range, unwavering commitment to waste reduction, and vibrant community spirit make it a favored destination for locals and visitors alike. Embark on your zero-waste lifestyle today with a trip to Eco Now.

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