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Anaheim Packing District

Located right around Anaheim’s Downtown and a couple of miles away from Disneyland, this place is a converted orange packing warehouse that boasts a century’s history. Also known as Orange County’s Original Food Hall, the popular Anaheim’s Packing District displays shops selling everything from food to apparel; Though, although it’s the food that will keep you returning to the Packing District again and again.

What was once used to be a Sunkist facility -an orange processing plant- in 1919 has since been rebuilt as the massive food hall now known as Anaheim’s Packing District. This food hall offers a one-stop sampling of the fresh produce, diverse population, and world-class culinary talents that make Anaheim -and Southern California- one of the best places to eat in the US.

Visiting the Packing District for lunch is more than just a ‘meal’; it’s a whole experience. Besides the cuisine diversity available, some of this food hall’s food options you can’t find anywhere else, like Crepe Coop’s Fruity Pebbles stuffed Japanese crepe or The Kroft’s cheeseburger egg rolls or the chicken tikka poutine.

Established in 2004, this Packing District is less of a run-of-the-mill food court and more of what happens when a big building full of diverse restaurants runs headfirst into a unique art installation. Many of Anaheim’s locals call the Packing District an upscale food court, and we agree. Like a food court, it boasts beautiful people-watching and unique decor.

The Anaheim’s Packing District location itself came into service in the 1900s, and in 2015 it was designated a historic landmark. It has yet to wander far from its original roots as the orange packing plant, Sunkist Company. Nods to the building’s history can be found throughout the food hall, from the facade of the Packing House, and the tractors used to match the orange-centric decor are a definite nod to Southern California’s history and mission.

Besides the Packing house, you can find other buildings and areas like Packard Building -a former car dealership- that features some famous restaurants and establishments like Poppy and Seed and 18 Folds, the Farmers Park, where you can partake in occasional gardening classes, community yoga, and other events, and the Packing District’s newest addition: MAKE building. What used to be a 1917 marmalade factory is now home to favorite local businesses like Pali Wine Company, Jav’s BBQ, and Unsung Brewing Company.

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